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Dear Jim

4 Sep


This time last year I was wide awake, couldn’t sleep, worse than any kid at Christmas.  We would be getting married in just a few hours.  There were a million things left to do but I wasn’t stressed like I (and all of my friends) thought I would be.  All the details we had been working on seemed to melt away.  I was just so excited to see you, tell our friends and family how much I loved you.


We went back and forth for weeks about if we would see each other before the wedding.  Our decision to spend the day together was the thing that kept me so calm.  Getting to see you with everyone who worked so hard to help pull things together, I’ve never felt so loved and supported.  The day turned out beautifully, with blue skies and perfect weather.  It was a whirlwind that all flew by too fast.  I remember holding your hand too tightly and staring at your shoes.  I buried my hand in my pocket and was so glad that I had remembered a handkerchief.  We both laughed and cried and pulled a lot of goofy faces.  When I finally managed to look up and saw your giant grin I could breathe again and when we promised to always respect and support each other will always be crystal clear in my memory.


This first year has brought a lot of things that neither of us expected, but we’ve made it through together and I know that no matter what comes next we’ll be able to handle it.  So thank you for being my best friend.


Photo by Andy Kahl





That Was Fast

1 Sep

J. and I had some really grand plans to celebrate our first anniversary together.  We booked a long weekend a bit early outside of Philly at a gorgeous b & b and I managed to snag us tickets to Outstanding in the Field.

Photo by OITF via Oh Joy!

We got our tickets back in March and I spent the next five months plotting.   I hunted down the best things in and around Philly for us to do on Sunday after dinner, looked for scenic routes to make the drive a little more enjoyable and booked the wonder pup into puppy paradise for boarding so he could have as nice a weekend as us.  I really wanted to pull out all of the stops.

I managed to finally snag J. a Forage bow tie to wear to dinner

I got myself this 50s pleat dress from asos curve

I packed a picnic of all of our favorites and hid it in the car to surprise J. while we were on the road, stashed a few other goodies away for later in the weekend & made as much room as possible to haul home our finds from the 3p4 Barn Sale.  We hit a snag along the way when J. got put on night shift so we were taking off later than we planned and the schedule shift had left a lot to do with very little time.  Right before we left we got word that the Barn Sale was cancelled and rescheduled due to the impending hurricane.  We were a bit bummed but figured no real worry as there was a laundry list of places to hit around Philly and now we’d have even more time for them.

We rolled out of PGH and the trip was lovely, picnic midway and finally a chance to talk since we had barely seen one another in the last few weeks.  We landed at the hotel and just collapsed, king sized bed, nice long shower & picnic leftovers for dinner.  But then we got an email saying that the dinner was also cancelled, and the town the b & b was in was set to be evacuated.  The entire weekend was basically cancelled.  We debated whether we should drive into Philly early Saturday morning to at least hit a few of the places but decided with the luck we were having we wouldn’t beat the storm  so we opted to just get up the next morning, pack and head back west.  Along the way J. got called into work and the long weekend was cut short to boot.

Needless to say the whole thing took quite a bit of wind out of our sails.  None of our plans worked out and now we weren’t even able to hang out, so the car ride home was much quieter than the trip out.

We picked up the dog and headed back to the house.  We’re home now and settled back into our completely opposite schedules and hoping to find something we can do to celebrate.  Right now I’m looking for a reason to wear our fancy new duds and actually get to hang out together.  For now I’ll just cross my fingers that J. doesn’t get stuck working on Sunday and sneakily work on finishing up my present for him.