Weekend To Do:

20 Feb

We had given ourselves a deadline to start to push through on a lot of house projects.  On Tuesday we’re hosting a neighborhood meeting for the Beautification & Recreation Committee that J & I had joined through the Troy Hill Citizens.  Yeah for being involved in your hood.  Anyways – a lot of our neighbors haven’t been inside our house so I really wanted to push through and make it less of a work in progress if at all possible.  We inevitably got behind due to a lot more plaster work needed to be done than we had anticipated and a few places needed an extra coat of paint as well.  So our goals had to be tweaked a bit and we now want to have three areas COMPLETELY finished by March 1 with most of the messy work (plaster, painted etc) done by Tuesday.

What we needed to get done this weekend to be on schedule was:

  • Paint two coats of primer on the bathroom walls & ceiling
  • Prime the dining room walls, trim & mantle
  • Paint one coats of ceiling paint in the bathroom
  • Paint two coats of yellow in the hallway
  • Paint two coats of ceiling paint in the dining room
  • Paint one coat on the dining room walls
  • Paint dining room trim (probably two coats)
  • Paint two coats of blue in the bathroom
  • Paint two coats of blue above the dining room mantle
  • Paint side of medicine cabinet
  • Clean & rehang kitchen cabinet doors
  • Recaulk tub
  • Seal bathroom grout
  • Clean up paint splatters from tile
  • Install hallway light
  • Hang medicine cabinet
  • Wash shower curtain liner
  • Scrub tub
  • Hang shower curtain
  • Hang bathroom shelf
  • Hang bathroom light
  • Hang bathroom fan
  • Scrub bathroom floor
  • Shampoo living room rug
  • Hang bubble lamp
  • Hang new outdoor light
  • Clean off porch furniture
  • Install new outlets & light switches
  • Shop for new light/fan for bathroom
  • Hang artwork in the hallway
  • Hang artwork in the dining room
  • Clean, clean, clean!!!

So yeah, I should definitely get back to work.


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