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Weekend To Do:

20 Feb

We had given ourselves a deadline to start to push through on a lot of house projects.  On Tuesday we’re hosting a neighborhood meeting for the Beautification & Recreation Committee that J & I had joined through the Troy Hill Citizens.  Yeah for being involved in your hood.  Anyways – a lot of our neighbors haven’t been inside our house so I really wanted to push through and make it less of a work in progress if at all possible.  We inevitably got behind due to a lot more plaster work needed to be done than we had anticipated and a few places needed an extra coat of paint as well.  So our goals had to be tweaked a bit and we now want to have three areas COMPLETELY finished by March 1 with most of the messy work (plaster, painted etc) done by Tuesday.

What we needed to get done this weekend to be on schedule was:

  • Paint two coats of primer on the bathroom walls & ceiling
  • Prime the dining room walls, trim & mantle
  • Paint one coats of ceiling paint in the bathroom
  • Paint two coats of yellow in the hallway
  • Paint two coats of ceiling paint in the dining room
  • Paint one coat on the dining room walls
  • Paint dining room trim (probably two coats)
  • Paint two coats of blue in the bathroom
  • Paint two coats of blue above the dining room mantle
  • Paint side of medicine cabinet
  • Clean & rehang kitchen cabinet doors
  • Recaulk tub
  • Seal bathroom grout
  • Clean up paint splatters from tile
  • Install hallway light
  • Hang medicine cabinet
  • Wash shower curtain liner
  • Scrub tub
  • Hang shower curtain
  • Hang bathroom shelf
  • Hang bathroom light
  • Hang bathroom fan
  • Scrub bathroom floor
  • Shampoo living room rug
  • Hang bubble lamp
  • Hang new outdoor light
  • Clean off porch furniture
  • Install new outlets & light switches
  • Shop for new light/fan for bathroom
  • Hang artwork in the hallway
  • Hang artwork in the dining room
  • Clean, clean, clean!!!

So yeah, I should definitely get back to work.


I’d give anything…

15 Feb


found via bohemian hellhole

to live someplace like this.

I’ve already emailed my  architect brother.  He assures me that if I find the island he’ll build the house.  Personally he doesn’t see the allure of a house where the front door access is via boat.  I however can’t imagine anything better.

Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

via owly shadow puppets on etsy

I know things have been a bit quiet around here but I promise it’s only because we’ve been so busy getting things done.  For real this time.  Progress is finally being made and hopefully this weekend I’ll have some time to shoot some photos and clue everyone in on the updates.

But most importantly just a little something to tell J. how much I love him.  We have big plans tonight.  There will be take out from China Town Inn, our sofa & Watson on Jeopardy.  I can’t imagine a more perfect evening.

the most wonderful time of the year

2 Feb

No, I don’t mean Christmas.  I mean February!!  Full on winter weather, Groundhog Day, Valentines Day & even better…my birthday!  It sounds terrible I’m sure but I promise I’m not one of those people who requires a week of celebration, fancy dates, big parties or any of that.  In fact as long as there’s something a little sweet I didn’t need to make myself then it’s perfect.

Last year was a little tricky.  Pittsburgh was in the middle of a blizzard so I while J. and I were completely snowed in.  And while it had it’s moments it had been a couple days already and we were running out of groceries had a new puppy trapped with us who didn’t know what to do with several feet of snow.  We ate cheese and crackers for dinner and I baked myself birthday pretzels.  This year will hopefully be better.

And since we kept Christmas a bit on the modest side this year, I have a few things still hanging out on my wish list that I thought I’d share.

orla kiely bag - not that i need another bag but ive wanted an orla kiely bag for ages & this would be great to get to work & its on sale

J. has given me a necklace for almost every major holiday since we’ve been together.  Unfortunately I always manage to break them so I have several awaiting repair.  Maybe  I could wear one of these while I’m fixing the others.

From Homako on Etsy - in the Pink Lemonade - soooo good.

And finally – one of the few major things left that my kitchen is missing – a dutch oven

The Staub 6 Quart in Graphite or Royal Blue

Regardless of whether there’s any presents or dinner or even *gasp* cake – I’m sure it’s going to be a great birthday and and even better year.