Two Forward, One Back

28 Jan

This is what our bathroom looked like when we first moved in.  I had my issues with this for sure:  green carpet (who carpets a bathroom?), an ancient peeling laminate vanity, a toilet older than both j & i, floral wallpaper, FAKE tiled walls, the complete absence of a shower.

In the last year we managed to almost completely gut the bathroom.  The only original things that remained were the cats iron tub we had no way to remove as well as the window and light fixture above the sink.  We successfully installed a new sink, toilet, and shower.  We also tiled the floor and shower.  We repaired the damaged walls and ceilings, primed and painted and installed a light and fan.

The problems however started almost immediately after we completed the bulk of the work.  The fan we installed didn’t seem to draw out enough of the moisture when we would shower so there would be water pooling on the ceiling and dripping down the walls.  We started to make sure we showered with the door open and it lessened things but didn’t solve it by any means.  A couple weeks ago though we noticed parts of the ceiling had began to peel and the wall had small bubbles forming and the paint felt damp/tacky to the touch.  So we decided this weekend we would begin the repair and to finish up a few loose ends we had been putting off.  I’ll wait to show you the finished room but I will show you a couple rooms I loved and thought about when we were redoing things.

I apologize for not remembering where I found this from. If anyone can help me link it I would greatly appreciate it.

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