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new year!

4 Jan

the new year is off to an amazing start so far.  decisions are finally being made about some major parts of the home reno & they just happen to correspond with my impending unemployment.  so starting next week i should (in theory) have loads of time to start tackling the sanding, priming & painting weve been putting off the last couple months.

plans are also being made about a certain day when my guy would become my mister but those details are still rough so, secret.  more later i promise.

but in terms of big projects with actual things that i CAN share – here goes.  ive never been one for resolutions.  i usually make a small to do list with vague goals for the next year and start things up on my birthday in february.  just always convinced myself it was less cliche.  anyways i decided to switch things up this year.  theres so much stuff that needs to get done and things i need to remind myself to do.  so ive decided to make a BIG to do list.  210 things actually.  yup.  210 for 2010.  some of them are small things like get a new drivers license, or knit myself a hat.  other things are big & time consuming like read the New York Public Libraries Books of the Century.  either way i like making big lists & i like even more getting things done.  so theres a new tumblr that ill post the link for later once i have a the full list transfered.  but yeah – yeah for getting stuff done.  heres to an amazing year.