doing stuff.

17 Dec

theres so much going on right now you wouldn’t believe it!  all the holiday madness is keeping us busy.  were trying to finish projects to prep the house for guests, decorate for christmas, finish making & buying gifts the whole she-bang.

we had our annual white christmas date.  where we work on some holiday decorations while watching white christmas and drinking champagne and indulging in the glory of a whitmans sampler.  i know, what youre saying “but youre broke, how can you possibly indulge in such lavish evenings without huge pangs of guilt”.  well, we cant.  but its still worth it.  all told the $20 spent on booze and chocolate was perfect.  the exact pick me up we needed to keep the momentum going through what is to put it politely, tough times.  we’ve decided against a tree (im working on something to replace that though).  the gifts have been limited to a reasonable budget & what will fit in each of our stockings.  the baking and gift making has increased greatly this year, jim is even teaching himself to knit so he can give equally awesome, handmade goodness.  we splurged a little more than last year on our families because, well, even though they drive us crazy most of the time, we couldn’t have made it through this last year without them.  so the little money we spent on ourselves seems appropriately earned.  if we ever get to the point where theres no money  for presents, or trees, or any other standard celebrations,  but we could still manage to at least have that one night each year, id be more than alright with that.

but theres still BIG surprises – some which will have to wait until after christmas of course (for obvious reasons) and others that are still in the works.  either way i promise there will be more photos, and stories & goodness because its all too good to keep to ourselves.

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