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so sad…

23 Dec

we’ve received a lot of mail addressed to the now deceased, former owner of our home.  most of it was junk mail, no real correspondence.  however since the holiday season started, that changed.  we’ve gotten several cards from (obviously) long lost friends and family, wishing the Ms. a happy holiday & good new year.

when this happened the first time, we had accidently opened the card, not paying attention to the name on the front and only after, realized our error.  the message was fairly generic, a little note  of  “merry christmas” scrawled below the bible passage pre-printed on the card with a list of family members names in scratchy cursive that reminded me of my grandmother.  later that night i looked through the papers from our house closing wondering if i could find an address for the family member who had sold us the home (it was the owners nephew) but to no avail.  i briefly considered contacting the realtor but figured it probably wasn’t worth the hassle considering it was just the one card.

a week later however there was another.  and another.  we opened each one.  we shouldn’t have i know, but i couldnt just write deceased on the envelope and have them returned.  thats just not right either.  the third card however had a long message written over every available inch of the card.  with lines saying “ive tried to call more times than i can count”, “maybe you’re with your nephew, or in a hospital”.  the thing that just killed me was “i’m hoping you’re alive.  i love you dear and happy holiday wherever you are.”

so i decided to write her back.  i apologized for opening a letter than wasnt mine and said how i hate to be the bearer of bad news but i couldnt imagine worrying about your friend at the holidays any longer.  i dropped it in the mail today & i hope it finds her well.  feels like such a terrible thing to do at the holidays but i think trying to call over and over again would be just as bad.



22 Dec

this year due to budget we decided to skip out on having a tree. but my trusty ceramic one is up in all it’s vintage glory. yeah traditions.

doing stuff.

17 Dec

theres so much going on right now you wouldn’t believe it!  all the holiday madness is keeping us busy.  were trying to finish projects to prep the house for guests, decorate for christmas, finish making & buying gifts the whole she-bang.

we had our annual white christmas date.  where we work on some holiday decorations while watching white christmas and drinking champagne and indulging in the glory of a whitmans sampler.  i know, what youre saying “but youre broke, how can you possibly indulge in such lavish evenings without huge pangs of guilt”.  well, we cant.  but its still worth it.  all told the $20 spent on booze and chocolate was perfect.  the exact pick me up we needed to keep the momentum going through what is to put it politely, tough times.  we’ve decided against a tree (im working on something to replace that though).  the gifts have been limited to a reasonable budget & what will fit in each of our stockings.  the baking and gift making has increased greatly this year, jim is even teaching himself to knit so he can give equally awesome, handmade goodness.  we splurged a little more than last year on our families because, well, even though they drive us crazy most of the time, we couldn’t have made it through this last year without them.  so the little money we spent on ourselves seems appropriately earned.  if we ever get to the point where theres no money  for presents, or trees, or any other standard celebrations,  but we could still manage to at least have that one night each year, id be more than alright with that.

but theres still BIG surprises – some which will have to wait until after christmas of course (for obvious reasons) and others that are still in the works.  either way i promise there will be more photos, and stories & goodness because its all too good to keep to ourselves.

holiday heap

10 Dec

so its been a month.  i’ll say we have been busy  ticking things off the massive home improvement to do list.  yeah, thats what i’ll say.

but the holidays are in full swing!  thanksgiving was amazing.  we bounced around and saw both our families, had a fantastic breakfast and i cooked an old school completely from scratch dinner that it seems like everyone enjoyed.

look at me actually touching meat

its only 15 days till christmas and we spent the last two weeks prepping for concerts and openings & now that the mad rush of rehearsals and art making are over we can relax and decorate, bake cookies, make presents and all the pine-scented, twinkle lit, rosy cheeked awesomeness.

aside from holiday prep going on there are some secret projects going that we’ll tell you about soon enough.  so yeah holidays!  snow!  everything i heart!