a girl & her shower

18 Sep

so heres the list of things that need/needed to be done to the bathroom*:

  • remove carpet
  • remove faux tile
  • remove vanity
  • remove medicine cabinet
  • replace light
  • install fan
  • take down wallpaper
  • spackle walls
  • repair ceiling
  • replace toilet
  • install shower
  • tile walls
  • grout walls
  • seal walls
  • tile floors
  • grout floors
  • seal floors
  • refinish/mount sink
  • refinish/mount medicine cabinet
  • frost window
  • caulk bathroom
  • prime & paint walls and ceiling
  • strip door
  • strip hardware
  • refinish original hardware
  • prime & paint door
  • find & install accessories

lots done but still quite a bit to do before i share photos – completely finished in the next two days though as our guest arrived on sunday!!!

*  i’m really only sharing this list so i can feel as if things have been accomplished.  they have honestly.  we splurged on materials & a bit of labor because honestly…we could do the work and probably just as well as our unlicensed handyman, however we couldn’t have done it as quickly.

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