tanks & tiles

4 Sep

so here’s the deal with our bathroom.  it’s our only bathroom.  we don’t even have the typical “pittsburgh bathroom” aka – a toilet randomly placed in the basement.  it’s also small – roughly 4.5’ x 5.5’ not including the tub.  when we purchased the house it had some fantastic features:

  • green carpet – CARPET…in the bathroom…ick.
  • pink and purple floral wallpaper
  • paperboard faux-tile
  • toilet that averages roughly 9-11 gallons/flush
  • faux-marble sculpted sink
  • generic medicine cabinet
  • white laminate vanity thats peeling
  • no shower – tub only

so there’s a long list of things that need to be addressed.  jim had promised i would have a shower by the end of the first month.  lets just say i get my showers in at trips to my moms and the gym.  and now that we have a visitor coming i don’t think it would be fair to ask my manhattan friend to take a soak every morning.  so we have dove into the bathroom remodel full force.  so with a trip to our favorite place construction junction we started the hunt for vintage fixtures that will match our amazing cast iron tub that is not leaving for a variety of reasons.  we found a fantastic double faucet sink (that ill post photos of soon) for only $14!!!  since then weve been tracking down tile and shower kits and diy videos to teach us how to do it all.

on monday i spent my afternoon off pulling out the carpet and the linoleum i found underneath that, and the newspapers that were under that.  so we have some excellent newspapers from 1941 with badass nazi headlines that im sure will wind up framed somewhere in the house.

the quest will continue while we pick out a few key things for the room and attempt to manage everything on a budget – despite finding an amazing guy willing to gut and redo the bathroom for us for $1000 plus materials its really just not something we can afford.  so it looks like well be learning how to use a tile cutter and loosing more evenings to the shack.

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